From today, the new MAX-extruders can be ordered.

The new extruders: more ergonomic, quiter, more intuitive, lighter, energy saving and much more.


All new features by one view:

  1. Integrated machine-stand (not additional stand needed)
  2. Standby-function with up to 500W energy saving and high noise reduction
  3. Noise-optimized overall-design with up to 7dBA noise reduction towards earlier Munsch models
  4. Automatic blower-shut-down
  5. Dual-beam high-power LEDs for good lighted working area
  6. M-Drive control
  7. Larger high-resolution display
  8. Integrated voltage and ampere-control with alarm-function and automatic shut-off
  9. Hook-up eye for usage with balancer, exoskeleton, …
  10. Intuitive, pictogram-based menu
  11. WLAN-function for wireless control / monitoring
  12. Optimized design, so that the device can also be used upside-down without any restrictions.
  13. Various grip options, even for working in awkward positions
  14. Infinitely adjustable handle
  15. Toolless exchangeable air-filter
  16. Haptic-optimized grip
  17. Up to 0.5kg weight reduction compared to earlier Munsch models
  18. Servicing messages in reliance to time of usage
  19. Transport and storage box included in delivery
  20. All accessories of MAK-models, like angular heads, welding shoes, etc. can also be used with MAX-extruders

Please feel free to talk to us about the new models MAX-18, MAX-25, MAX-32, MAX-40 and MAX-65.