Sheet Puller

With this small auxiliary tool you easily pull the geomembrane into its position. No slipping any longer with your hand. This tool claws very powerful into the geomembrane.

Spark tester

With our spark tester you can search your welding via high voltage test for leakages.

Testing Bell

With our testing bell you easily do a leakage test of your geomembrane welding.


With our thermometer you can check the set temperatures of your extruder. This allows you the exact setting of your extruder at changed conditions (e.g. at high changing of outer conditions, etc.).

Transport Case

With our high-quality transport case, any extruder can be stored and transported safely.

Transportcase Coupon Cutter

With our high-quality transport case you can store and transport your coupon cutter safely.

Turnable Preheating

If you need to have your welding shoe on MAK-32 or larger to be turnable, we also have a solution.

Weld Trimmer

Our handy weld trimmer easily and powerfully removes overhanging or too thick welding seams and has two times usable blades.

Welding Rod Dispenser

With our welding rod dispensers, you have the perfect equipment on your site. No longer twisting or manually dispensing of the welding rod.