Angular Head

Our solution, if you need to weld around the corner. Note: for the usage of the angular heads, the welding temperatures have to be recalibrated.

Bend Tester

With our bend tester, you can now do the quality tests by yourself. This machine is the only transportable unit in the market (29kg including transport case) and is conform to neccassary safety requirements.

Carrying Case

With our carrying case, many extruders can be easily transported and stored.

Compressed Air Testing Device

Our compressed air testing devices are perfect for leakage testing of your geomembrane welding and are available in 2 versions for different pressure areas. We suggest the standard version for thin geomembranes and the massive version for thick geomembranes (2mm and thicker).

Coupon Cutter

With our coupon cutter you fast and easily get your sample from the welding.


With our cutters, you easily cut the welding rod or the geomembrane to the needed length. The cutters are available in 3 versions: with hooked blade, with segment blade, or as quarter moon knife (K01769).

Extruder Extension

If you need to weld in very narrow areas where the blower would be in the way, you can take our optionally available extruder extension.


With our flowmeter you easily check, whether you have enough compressed air for your extruder.

Machine Stand

For every of our extruders, a suitable machine stand is available. It is not always necessary, but can be purchased optionally.