Silent, light-weight, small and variable usabilities. The „small“ workaholic beneath our MAX-extruders is completely brushless and therefore very low-wear. Long working times are its speciality. With this digitally controlled extruder you can easily weld 15mm sheet thickness, or even 20mm material thickness. With the same dimensions as MAK-18, this extruder has an output of 2.5kg/h instead of up to 2.2kg/h. Integrated high-power LEDs ensure good illumination in the work area. In addition you save energy when the device goes into standby when not in use or even switches off the preheating fan after it has cooled down. For the use of this machine a „Powerbox“ is needed.

  • Brushless blower with standby-function and automatic shut-down
  • Brushless drive
  • Comfortable user menu with automatic temperature setting
  • Dual beam high-power LEDs
  • Three materials preset, more program spaces free to set your own material
  • 360° turnable welding shoe
  • Integrated machine stand
  • Integrated dust-filter for coarse dust
  • Speed can be varied via Powerbox and / or trigger
  • WiFi-connectivity
Max. welding capacity: 2.5 kg/h, Ø 4mm
1.4 kg/h, Ø 3 mm
Welding material: PP / PE / PVDF
Material type: Round rod Ø 3 / 4 mm
Application range: Thicknesses from 4 – 15 mm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Length: 470 mm
Electronic Speedcontrol: yes
Mass heating: 400 W
Powerbox needed: Yes
Preheating: 2300 W
Frequency: 50Hz / 60HzW

We include for free:

  • 1 welding shoe fillet 10mm(G07684)
  • 1 welding shoe film 25mm (G07680)
  • 1 welding shoe unshaped (G07692)
  • Tool and maintenance kit
  • Transport case

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