On the occasion of an information tour the new minister of economics, transport, agriculture and viticulture, Dr. Wissing, visited innovative medium-sized companies in Rhineland-Palatinate. His first point of contact was MUNSCH in Ransbach-Baumbach.

During the company presentation, Dr. Treutz presented the latest developments as well as methods and tools of development. This includes among other things the latest calculation method CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for the optimal hydraulic design of the MUNSCH plastic pumps.

During the visit, managing director Mr. Munsch and the commercial director Mr. Blech made as subject of discussion the problem of overburdening bureaucratic hurdles, such as those which had to be taken to become “authorized exporter”. Similar complex procedures had to be carried out by the company during the construction of the new administrative building, as part of the approval procedures.

Mr Munsch also expressed great concern and concern about the global increase in nationalist tendencies and wished to see a stronger European policy, more open-mindedness in the world and, in particular, to stand up for free trade agreements.

Munsch exports 70% of its goods abroad. Export therefore is a main pillar of the company. That is why the free trade agreement and thereby free access to the markets are extremely important to MUNSCH and many other comparable companies.
As final issue, the non-ruled inheritance tax was discussed.

This is an inacceptable state from the company’s point of view.

Dr. Wissing took a very intelligent, deliberate and far-sighted approach to all topics, which was welcomed on all sides. For him too, free trade agreements are indispensable just like a strong and cosmopolitan Europe. This is entirely in the sense of mechanical engineering and so also of MUNSCH.

During the final company tour, the Minister showed avid interest in the products, machines and personnel.

We wish the Minister a happy and good hand for the upcoming tasks and for the government business.