Container / pipeline engineering


This extruder is the smallest one in our product range. The winner of the innovation award 2007 is a real allrounder. Materials from PP to PFA are a standard for him*. With only 3.5kg weight and compact design, this machine is an optimum one hand extruder. *PFA and ECTFE can only be welded with the special version MM-PFA.


Our Powerbox is a machine, especially conceived for brushless machines. This machine is needed for the power supply of our brushless machines and also brings the necessary EMC-filter with it.


We also build extruders for usage on robotic arms. With brushless drive and external air heater you can work fast and nearly wear-free. Only available with according powerbox, which will be automatically quoted by us. Available as rod or granulate extruder.

Spark tester

With our spark tester you can search your welding via high voltage test for leakages.

Testing Bell

With our testing bell you easily do a leakage test of your geomembrane welding.

Turnable Preheating

If you need to have your welding shoe on MAK-32 or larger to be turnable, we also have a solution.

Weld Trimmer

Our handy weld trimmer easily and powerfully removes overhanging or too thick welding seams and has two times usable blades.

Welding Rod Dispenser

With our welding rod dispensers, you have the perfect equipment on your site. No longer twisting or manually dispensing of the welding rod.