Our large granulate extruder This extrusion welder works completely brushless and is concipated for container engineering. By nonsimultaneous heating of mass and air temperature, this machine can be used on normal house connection.

  • Brushless preheating blower
  • Bruhsless drive
  • Comfortable user menu with automatic temperature setting
  • Two materials preset, more program spaces free to set your own material
  • Machinestand included, fixed to the machine
  • Display / Menu
  • Temperatures can be set digitally
Max. Schweißleistung: 7.3 kg/h*
Schweißmaterial: PP / PE
Schweißzusatz: Granulat
Einsatzbereich: Wanddicken 10 – 50 mm
Gewicht: 16.3 kg
Elektronische Drehzahlregelung: ja
Heizband: 800 W
Mit Powerbox: ja
Vorwärmgebläse: 2300 W

* abhängig von Granulattyp und Granulatgröße

We include for free:

  • 1 welding shoe (shaped to customers needs)
  • Tool and maintenance kit

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